The 6 Year Molars – are these Worrisome?

Six Year Molars

Transition is an integral part of a child’s development. With each passing year, you will notice a lot of changes that incur in your child. Tooth transition usually begins around the age of 5 to 7 with the milk teeth falling and the new permanent teeth erupting.

Many kids have their molars erupting even before their first milk teeth falls out. This is normal and very common. As a parent of a 6 year old, I understand the worries that revolve around the minds of parents with respect to good formation and eruption of teeth while making the kids understand the value of this change.


The theory of having new teeth is exciting for the kids as they are going to practically monitor a change in themselves. I remember my daughter being overwhelmed with the concept of a tooth falling and a baby teeth(her term for a new teeth) erupting.

This might not be actually simple and fascinating. The molars are the first permanent teeth that stay for the longest time. Proper oral care and some diet changes can help relieve the associated pain and make teeth transition a real fun

SIX Year Molars – the most significant aspects

  • What molars do to the jaw? 6 year old molars are absolutely a fine age of getting them, but if the molars are coming before any other teeth, then you need to be a bit cautious as molars may decrease the space for other teeth and the new ones may overlap
  • Pain with the molars – Molars come with swelling and pain. This pain may vary from bearable to intense. It’s very important to soothe your child and guide through the brushing process and avoid any accidental pain or inflammation.
  • Eat these to subside pain and have healthy teeth – Less or intense, pain can never be termed as bearable for kids. It’s necessary to give a diet that relieves them.
  1. Give liquid foods as solids are hard to chew and hurt , thus increasing the pain.
  2. Try frozen fruits that are really effective in soothing the pain and swelling.
  • Don’t ever try to exfoliate the swollen gums – Swollen gum is irritating, but it exfoliates itself for the teeth to break out. Manual exfoliation is never recommended because it increases the pain, disrupts the growth of underlying molars and may even cause infection.

Superfoods to Keep New Teeth Healthy and Sparkling

  • Keep the diet rich in nutrients, especially calcium. Milk, curd, cheese and other milk products increase the ph level of the mouth, thus promoting the tooth health.
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin C, such as limes, kiwis, oranges, papaya and strawberries kill the bacteria in mouth and stipulate supply of collagen into the gums.
  • Crisp veggies such as raw carrots, cauliflower, green beans and celery are chewy foods the sweep out the plaque from the teeth.
  • Try giving more of natural fats as pumpkin seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds and other nuts. The natural fat coats the teeth enamel protecting it from any wear and tear.

6 Year Old Molars – 10 foods that are a BIG NOOOOOO!

Sugary and sticky foods are always as first love for kids. They will want to have them always, but while in the teeth transition state, you need to avoid these as they lower the ph level of the mouth, thus causing harm to healthy teeth

  • Caramel
  • Aerated drinks
  • Candies and Gummy candies
  • Fruit beverages high in corn syrup
  • Potato chips
  • Deep fried foods
  • Honey

Conclusion – Healthy 6 Year Molars

As we have taken a walkthrough, six year molars are very precious pearls. It’s important to take care of these teeth to avoid any dental issues in future stages. Teeth have their own maintenance process, but you need to feed them right to fight cavities, plaque and other dental issues.

Hope this piece of writing helps your kid through painful molar eruption stage and keeps them smiling throughout.


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