Stay Away from These 7 Drinks to Lose Belly Fat

Drinks to stay away from to lose belly fat

Drinks to (Stay Away) from to Lose Belly Fat – Stomach Fat Burning

Uhhhhh… I’m not losing the inches from my belly. After exercising you still fail to lose belly fat and thinking about why?
Here is your answer “Sugary Drinks”. Yes, this is the most common reason or the major contributors in your belly fat. And for this first, you must have to know about the sugary drink and which drinks are included in this?
These are the drinks which are generally have in our daily life and we don’t even know that they make us fat. Any beverage with added sugar or other sweetener are known as “Sugary Drink” includes soda, fruit juice, lemonade and other sweetened powdered drinks, and sports and energy drinks.

Here is a List of 7 Drinks to Avoid for a Belly Fat

1. Hot Cocoa

This is the most common drink we take in chilling winter. But do you know that a typical 16-ounce mug with whipped cream packs 400 calories and 43 grams of sugar which is more than a can of cola
For warming up in winter, you can have a non-Dutch processed cocoa and sugar and by adding spices like a dash of cinnamon or cayenne will add even more flavor, in that way you can reduce the sugar intake.

2. Energy Drinks

Most of the people are not aware of this, these drinks don’t contain much sugar or a ton of calories but they are not healthy drinks as they are fortified with Vitamins B. Moreover these drinks affect your health by number of ways like many people face high blood pressure problem and norepinephrine problem that is a stress hormone, heart problems. So, it is recommended to avoid energy drink completely or you can have a cup of coffee in need to boost caffeine.

3. Tonic Water

Yes “tonic water” is too included in sugary drinks. Most probably people drink this as part of alcoholic drink as they think gin and tonic are healthier than rum and coke but its not.
Do you know, 12 Ounces of tonic water have 124 calories and 32 gms of sugar which are equivalent to 8 tablespoons and if we compare it with coke, coke has 182 calories and 44 grams of sugar.
So, while ordering a booze beverage, order seltzer as it’s sugar-free.

4. Fruit Juice

We all think Fruit Juice is Healthy for us but only a few people know it contains as much sugar as soft drinks. Because Fruits are rich in fiber and juice is not. So if you are having 100% pure juice or juice in any form then you should stop. And instead of having juice go for eating fruits.

5. Sports Drinks

By finishing a bottle of sports drinks, you will consume 50 grams of sugar. Sports drinks are good for those who are training for the marathon or indulge in sports as the sugar supplies carbs that help in keeping their energy while tough workout.
But drinking sports drinks while sitting in office or studying doesn’t make any sense or you unnecessary intake calories. And if you want to lose weight and doing exercise then it is better to have water to keep yourself hydrated.

6. Margarita

One of the favorite drink of girls but this is a major contributor in belly fat. If you pay attention to this, a margarita made with a bottle mix contains 500 calories and 35 grams of sugar or more. Whoops, that means by drinking this you are having 3 pieces of cake in one sitting.
But don’t worry not all cocktails are off limits so choose your drink wisely as booze plus soda water with lemon is great.

7. Lemonade

There are the myths about the lemonade that it’s got lemons. In lemonade there are two important ingredients include which is sugar and another is fructose that is also a sugar with artificial colors and brands use fructose corn syrup. It is suggested not to drink these artificial drinks and make it at home with natural ingredients.

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