How Assumptions Can (Destroy) Relationship With Your Partner.

assumptions destroy relationships with partner

Few days back, one of my friends called me and said I’m going to give divorce to my wife and then on the second day, I got a call from my another friend saying the same.

This has put me in a tension that why such things are happening with my those friends who are very much matured, and then I talked with all of them one by one and found that there is ONE factor which is common in both the situations.

………and that is ASSUMPTION

Assumptions are like termites in our relationships because of this problem people left with feeling of undervalued and unheard.

I have found out the few assumptions which if AVOIDED can save your relationship.

The FIRST assumption…

First, we always assume If our partner loves us then he should know what I’m thinking at a particular moment. And, if somehow he didn’t speak what’s going in our head then we assume that he has lost interest in me or stopped taking interest in me anymore.

In this stressful life, how we can expect this that he or she should know everything in our mind.

Don’t you think, a clear and good communication between two people makes their bond strong rather than assuming that our partner understood the full range of our thoughts without saying or giving hint. So, STOP making this assumption……

Let’s check out the SECOND assumption…

The second assumption, finding happiness in physical pleasure. Yes, I agree this is a need of healthy relationship and it also makes our relationship strong

But only assuming that if I’m already having a good physical relationship with my partner than he or she should be happy. But this is not true….sometimes that main problem is lack of trust or emotional attachment. So, STOP making this assumption as well…

The THIRD assumption

“I am Always Right” This is the third assumption. Let’s say you are having an argument over some problem with your partner, and at that time in an aggressive moment, both starts blaming each other instead of sorting out the problem…and even starts pointing fingers on each other, and both starts assuming that I’m right and the other person is wrong….

Whatever I do or think is always a proper and right solution.

So, to avoid this scenario just listen to your partner and think before you say anything…… Just listening can save your relationship with your partner… Try will surely gonna work.

Here comes the FOURTH assumption.

The Fourth Assumption is “ I Should always be on priority”, this assumption is also one of the core reason of conflicts when you have children

We always expect that our partner must make us happy, and for him, I should come first before his family and friends.

Never ever make such expectation because this is not possible everytime. Let’s take an example, after having children it is not possible to give full attention to your spouse…Right? and at that time, he started thinking and expecting that my wife is not giving me attention then start assuming that she doesn’t love me anymore then this could lead to problems in your relationship…

Now the Conclusion….

STOP making unnecessary assumptions in the relationship. Go for the open talk and sort out your problems

Assumptions create distances even in a healthy relationship….

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