7 Foods That You Should NOT Heat Again

This happens with us lot of times when we cook food and we have leftovers. What we generally do, we store them in the fridge and eat in our next meal by reheating them. But there are certain foods which you should not reheat because unknowing we turn our favorite foods into poison by reheating them. So, if you leftover with these foods we mentioned here then avoid warming them again.

Here is a list of  7 foods which you should take care of reheat again after cooking once:

1) Eggs

Great source of protein in the morning, but reheating eggs can make you sick. Whether you are eating boiled eggs or scrambled if you heat them for the second time you make them toxic and which can be destructive to your digestive system.

2) Chicken

Another fantastic source of protein but chicken react negatively when heated again as it starts to deteriorate and cause the digestive problem. And if you need to reheat your chicken then make sure that chicken is completely cooked or inside is steaming hot otherwise use your leftover chicken in a salad form.
Or reheat chicken in microwave, skillet or the oven but remember only one time after the original preparation.

3) Mushrooms

Mushroom should be consumed on the same day you cook them due to their complex protein content and if you want to eat them on the next day then eat them cold because reheating mushrooms can change their protein composition and can become the high health risk for digestive and heart problems.

4) Spinach

Spinach is a rich source of iron and contains high quantity of nitrates which provides vital nutrients to our body. However, nitrates don’t become a problem until we reheat those veggies which contain nitrates because heating them activates nitrates and start releasing poisonous carcinogenic effect when our body processes them. So, every time we reheat spinach, it becomes toxic.

5) Beetroots, Carrots, and Celery

As spinach and celery, these three also contains a high amount of nitrates. And reheating them transforms nitrates into nitrites and other well-known carcinogens.

6) Oils

There are certain oils like avocado, hazelnuts, walnut, flaxen seed, grape seed oil has very low smoke points so reheating them become rancid. It is better not to use these types of oils for cooking, baking or frying because if you overheat they turn into dangerous trans fats.

7) Rice

Reheating rice not make you sick, if you store them properly. It is very crucial to know how to store rice before you reheat them. Rice contains spores of bacteria that make rice poisonous and cause vomiting and diarrhea. These spores could survive even after cooking the rice and when you left the rice at the room temperature for more than an hour these spores start reproducing and creates poisons. So, if you left with extra rice store them in an air-tight container immediately after cooking it.

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