Why you Should have Boiled Eggs for Weight Loss

Hard boiled eggs is a quick and very healthy snack when we are in a hurry. Eating hard boiled eggs provides good fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to the body which helps in stabilizing blood cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy. These healthy fats, MUFAs and PUFAs also regulate insulin levels in your blood and even beneficial for type 2 diabetes.

As boiled eggs are healthy for heart, eyes, and bones, but having boiled eggs is also very good for losing weight.

Why you should Eat Boiled Eggs to Lose Weight

Low in Calories

Hard-boiled eggs are low in calories, weight loss is the process of making the body use stored fat for energy which is achieved by having fewer calories than actually needed for energy. For this, hard-boiled eggs are very effective n cutting calories as one large egg contains 72 calories only in which 52 calories in yolks and 17 calories in while part but your cooking method can add some extra calories and fat in your meal.
Eggs have a moderate amount of calories still you should keep an eye on the number of eggs you eat. Healthy people can eat one whole egg without taking stress about the heart diseases, weight, and cholesterol. It is recommended for those people who are suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases is to limit their consumption of egg yolk to not more than 3 in a week.
People who want to lose weight or concerned about weight gain can eat eggs by removing the yolk. With this, you can eliminate the fats and cholesterol from eggs as one large egg white contains 17 calories.

Protein in Boiled Eggs

When we lose weight, our body loses both muscle and fat, so it is essential to consume enough protein in the diet. Food high in protein takes time to digest, and we feel full longer and eat less. Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein, and an average egg contains six to seven grams of protein in which 3 grams of protein is in egg yolk and 4 grams in egg white. Protein is essential to prevent high blood sugar because high blood sugar makes you feel more hungry and this will leads to overeating. Eating boiled eggs is also good for preserving muscle mass while losing weight.

Boiled Eggs in Breakfast enhance Weight Loss

Having boiled eggs in breakfast enhances weight loss by reducing the appetite and increasing the fullness as compared to foods that contain less protein. So, we can say that having eggs in breakfast is the simplest way to reduce your daily calorie intake and to lose weight. But keep in mind how you eat eggs because frying eggs with butter and oil add calories in your breakfast.

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Boiled eggs for Boosting Metabolism

Having high protein foods in your diet helps in burning calories. Eggs contain essential amino acids and eating eggs makes your body to use the protein to boost metabolism. Moreover, eggs are also a source of choline which is very crucial nutrient and this facilitates the digestion of fat and is used to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is good for learning and memory. This also regulates fat metabolism in the liver and prevents excess fat accumulation.

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