Does Green Tea Help in Weight Loss?

Green tea is a healthy beverage loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Drinking green tea provides you with a wide range of health benefits as improving brain function, lowers the risk of cancer, relieves constipation and a lot more.

But does green helps in losing weight if yes then how?

You must-have heard about this, that green loses weight. But only green tea will not lose weight, but it helps you in weight loss process.

How Drinking Green tea Helps in losing weight?

Green Tea Improves Physical Performance

The content of polyphenols in green tea activate the fat burning hormones that help in dissolving the excess triglyceride. What is “Triglyceride”? Sugar and fat in our body synthesize into an important substance known as triglyceride, and this process of synthesis takes place in the small intestines and liver. After this, triglyceride will move to other parts of the body via bloodstream. Triglyceride is an essential substance as it provides energy to the body for proper functioning but the excess of triglyceride generates big problems because they can be converted into fat which leads to obesity.

Drinking Green Tea Boost Metabolism

Green tea provides many nutritional benefits with its powerful flavonoids and antioxidants which helps in fighting with chronic diseases. The main antioxidant of green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) stimulate the central nervous system and release the body fat in the blood stream, and increase thermogenesis which burns fat and turn into energy.

So, the caffeine and catechins in green tea increase the use of calories as energy, boost metabolism and speed up the weight loss.

Improve strength while workout

The most effective way to lose weight is exercise, it will not only help you in burning calories but it also enhances energy levels, boosts metabolism and build muscles. The catechin polyphenols found in green tea evoke your muscles cells and liver to use more fatty acids. Consequently to this, our body will use carbohydrates at a lower rate that means more carbohydrates remain in our body that will increase our strength while exercising. And you can workout for a longer period and burn more calories.

In this way, green tea helps you in weight lose process by boosting your metabolism, strengthens your muscles, and by improving your physical performance. But, you have much more reasons to drink green tea as drinking this beverage provides you a wide range of benefits such as green tea bioactive compounds improve your overall health, make you smarter, and good for your skin also.

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