Foods and Drinks That Can Make Your Cold Worse

You may know that food you should have when you have a cold but do you know about the foods that can make your cold worse. We hardly pay attention to what to avoid to recover fast. Here we have listed foods you should not eat to deal with the common cold.

Here are the Foods and Drinks to Avoid When You Have Cold

Dairy Foods

When you have a stuffy nose, watery eyes that means you might get caught cold soon. In this situation, people advise you not to eat dairy products because having dairy foods as cold curd and milk can make your cold worse. Phlegm is a thicker mucus that gets accumulated in your nose and drinking milk increase the mucus production. If you want to have curd when you have a cold make sure it should be at room temperature, and it should not be sour and even warm fluids such as Turmeric milk will give you nourishment and open up your throat. Cold dairy products and ice cream can irritate your stomach and throat.


As per the Health experts, during common cold one should always avoid juices as they have a high sugar content that will reduce the white blood cells from the body and white blood cells can tackle illness. Also, the acid in the juices can irritate the throat.

Fried Snacks

Fried snacks such as french fries are high in fat. When you have a common cold, it is recommended to avoid all kind of fried and processed foods because it may lead to inflammation which further makes the immune system weak. Instead of fried and processed foods, you should have fresh and healthy foods like dark leafy greens.

Fast Foods

When we are sick, our body needs healthy, and nutritious food to fight off infection and bacteria. Fast foods are nutrition deficient, so it is better to avoid junk foods during cold as they offer no vitamin and minerals to boost the immune system and make digestion sluggish.


During common cold say no to coffee, as coffee and other caffeinated drinks can deprive your body of fluids and it further dries out a cough and can cause breathing issues. It is essential to stay hydrated while sickness instead of coffee you should have green tea and you can also drink lemon, ginger, and honey tea.


Alcohol is another bad choice when you have a cold it will not only deteriorate your immune system which is already under strain fighting the cold, but it will also dehydrate the body. So, drinking alcohol when you have a cold only make your situation worse and immune system weaker.



Sour, pickled or brined foods which contain a high amount of salt and vinegar should also be avoided while suffering from cold. According to Medical News Today, can increase inflammation in a sore throat.

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