10 Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach (Banana is One of Them)

avoid these foods in the morning on an empty stomach

We all want to start our day by eating something healthy and we eat food which we think is good for our health but in reality, they are not good to eat in the morning or on an empty stomach.

Most Common Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach for Better Digestive Health

1. Citrus Fruits Cause Heartburns, Damage Membranes

Citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, pomelo etc contain high level of citric acid and when we consume it alone in the morning they cause heartburn, can damage membranes, increase the risks of gastritis and even gastric ulcers.

2. Cucumbers and other Green Vegetables

Green raw vegetables are rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins but if we eat them on an empty stomach they cause flatulence, abdominal pain and heartburn due to roughage contained in vegetables.

3. Tomatoes Damages Tissues and Increase Acidity

Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamin C but it should be avoided in the morning. Reason being, this fruit has a high level of tannic acid which stimulate acid production in the gastrointestinal tract which could damage tissues, increase acidity in the stomach and lead to gastric disorders.

4. Fermented Milk Products Destroys Healthy Bacteria

Fermented Milk Products includes yogurt and other dairy products. These products provide a wealth of probiotics. But if we eat yogurt on an empty stomach then hydrochloric acid formed in the stomach which quickly destroys the healthy bacteria like lactic acid bacteria.

5. Pears Cause Gastric Upset

Pears have crude fiber which can injure delicate mucous membranes, damage gastrointestinal tissues and cause gastric upset.

6. Spices Increases the Acid Production in Stomach

Spices or spicy foods are eaten alone are too harsh for the digestive system. It triggers the release of gastric acid which further cause irritation to gastric mucosa, increase acid production in the stomach.

7. Cold Carbonated Beverages Slows Down the Digestive Process

Drinking cold carbonated beverages like Coke, Pepsi, and other soft drinks in the empty stomach slow down blood circulation in the gastrointestinal tract and slow down the digestive process. Moreover, carbonation can also be pernicious to the delicate mucosa.

8. Sweets Can Increase the Chance of Diabetes

Sweets in the morning increase the insulin levels which in turn significantly increase the load of the pancreas that has just “woken up.” Sweets not only increase the chances of diabetes but also they do not contain any healthy nutrients to sustain energy levels.

9. Yeasty Foods Increase Skin Eruptions

Shortcrust, bread, pastries and other foodstuffs are made with yeast which increases the body’s natural yeast content. This has the adverse effects as the increase in the lining of your stomach and problems from oral, gastric infections to skin eruptions.

10. Bananas Alters Cardiac Health and Performance

Most of us shocked by reading this but yes Bananas also should be avoided on an empty stomach. Although this fruit is rich in magnesium eating bananas elevates blood levels of the mineral which could alter cardiac health and performance.

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