7 Foods to Eat in Lunch to Burn Belly Fat

What to Eat in Lunch to Burn Belly Fat? Most of us focus on our breakfast and Dinner. But when you want to burn fat fast, you need to focus on each meal, in the previous article we talked about the best things to have in the morning to burn belly fat. Now, let’s talk about what to have in lunch to lose weight.

Foods to Have in Lunch to Lose Belly Fat


Asparagus contains very fewer calories and fat so it should be added in your diet for weight loss. Asparagus is a good choice for losing belly fat as it contains lots of soluble and insoluble fiber which makes you feel satiated. Also, asparagus has a flavonoid called quercetin which also protect you against weight loss and improves the regulation of metabolism genes, triglyceride and cholesterol levels. For lunch, you can prepare asparagus in stir-fried form with the other vegetables such as lentils or you can have it with a medium portion of fish or chicken.


Fish is the rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which increases good cholesterol, reduce inflammation and decrease triglyceride levels in the serum. Having salmon, tuna, cod, trout in lunch improves the metabolic rate. According to studies, overweight people who ate 5 ounces of salmon 3 times a week for eight weeks lose 2.2 more pounds than those who have not added fish in their weight loss diet plan.


Broccoli is another high fiber diet with vitamin A, C, K with minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids. Broccoli not only helps you in reducing weight but it also reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood, and antioxidants in broccoli flush out the toxins from the body. So, it is a healthy choice to have broccoli by sprinkling the little salt, black pepper, and some olive oil or you can add some chicken breast pieced with other veggies to make your lunch delicious.


Tomatoes provide you a number of benefits as it will not only help in weight loss but also make your skin smooth and give you a lustrous texture. Tomatoes are a great source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and protein. A medium sized tomato only contains 16 calories so it must be added in your diet, as this will boost metabolism. But it is also true that eating only tomatoes will not help you in weight loss so you should have it by adding in your salad.


Spinach is a super nutritional vegetable, it’s a low calorie with vitamins and minerals, including folate, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and magnesium, a good source of iron so we can say it’s high nutrient veggie. How does spinach help in weight loss? As spinach is a nutrition powerhouse and gives you feeling of satiety. Spinach membrances contains thylakoids and had a significant impact on hunger and satiety for the whole day. Moreover, it also reduces the desire for the unhealthy stuff we crave, for, e.g., potato chips, chocolate, and junk foods.

Whole Grains

Whole grains help in regulating weight loss. It’s a high fiber diet and increased calorie loss by decreasing the number of calories retain during digestion and speeds up your metabolism. Whole grains are also beneficial in glycemic control and insulin sensitivity. Whole grains include brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat flour and eating whole grains increases your calories per day.


Adding yogurt to your daily diet plan aids in weight loss by promoting fat loss, increasing satiety, decreasing glycemic response and increasing insulin sensitivity. Yogurt is full with good gut bacteria which makes your digestive system healthy. So, must have low-fat yogurt in your diet plan or you can use it in your salad in the place of mayonnaise.

Only eating a single food will not help in losing weight, you have to make a right balance. To lose belly fat, burning more calories than you consume is essential and for this, a proper diet and exercise go hand in hand.

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