10 Foods to Eat on an Empty Stomach (Watermelon is One of Them)

foods to eat in morning on an empty stomach

In our previous article, we talked about the foods to avoid on an empty stomach. Now, everyone thinks about what they should eat which is healthy for their body in the morning.

Here is the list of foods you should eat in morning on an empty stomach:

1) Oatmeal Heps in Lowering Cholesterol

Oatmeal in the breakfast is a healthy combination of slow-burning carbohydrates, essential minerals, and fiber and serve as the ideal fuel source for starting the day. Oatmeal creates a protective around the lining of your stomach which prevents hydrochloric acid from causing damage to stomach walls, help in lowering the bad cholesterol level in your body and regulates blood pressure.

2) Eggs Cut Down Your Calorie Intake

Well, eggs can be consumed anytime a day but it’s more beneficial in you are having it in the morning. It’s a complete protein food with iron, minerals, and vitamins and these nutrients not only aid in brain development, enhancing memory, prevent eye-related diseases later in life but also by eating eggs for breakfast can cut down your calorie intake significantly.

3) Honey Boost Immune System and Increase the Level of Feed Good Hormone

The food which helps your body to awake in the morning is “Honey”. This is the natural nutrient rich source of amino acids, Vitamin B, and multiple minerals. Honey provides strength and energy to your system, boost brain activity, increase the level of “feel-good” hormone, serotonin. Consistency, texture and antimicrobial properties of honey prevent gastrointestinal disease processes, boost the immune system and decrease the symptoms of upper respiratory ailments.

4) Nuts Improve the Digestive Health and Help to Starve Off Hunger

A handful of nuts is the natural source of protein, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. If you eat nuts in the morning it improves the digestive health and normalizes the pH in the stomach. Moreover, nuts provide the essential nutrients while helping to stave off hunger.

5) Blueberries Improve Memory, Blood Pressure and Metabolism

If you eat blueberries in the breakfast on the regular basis it improves your memory, regular blood pressure, and metabolism.
Blueberries are the rich source of Vitamin A, C, and E and also contain antioxidants compounds that inhibit free radicals that contribute to the development of cancer, degenerative diseases, infections and immature aging.

6) Buckwheat Maintains Healthy Cholesterol

Buckwheat is the fibrous seeds not only keep the gastrointestinal system healthy and also help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. This seed is a rich source of Iron, vitamin B and other minerals plus protein, soluble and insoluble fiber which gently stimulates the digestive system.

7) Watermelon Protects the Organs and Tissues from the Effects of Aging

This summer fruit balances the fluid and electrolyte levels also supply Vitamin A, B-complex and C. Eating watermelon on an empty stomach is good for eyes and heart as it has high levels of lycopene. Additionally, Watermelons also has antioxidants known as flavonoids that protect the organs and tissues from the effects of aging, infections and malignancy development.

8) Whole-Grain Bread without Yeast is a Good Source of Carbohydrates

Without yeast, whole-grain bread is the good source of carbohydrates and other nutrients like iron, magnesium, selenium which are necessary for our body. Whole-grain bread is good to eat in the morning; the fiber of whole grains maintains gastrointestinal regularity while curbing hunger and regulating cholesterol levels.

9) Cornmeal Porridge Prevents from Obesity Problem

This processed grain is a wonderful source of protein, minerals, and unsaturated fats and the combination of compounds curb hunger, balance blood sugar, provide essential nutrients and prevent you from cardiovascular diseases and obesity problem. Also, by eating cornmeal porridge in the morning remove toxins and heavy metals from your system, normalize intestinal microflora and makes you feel satiety for a long time.

10) Wheat Germ Keeps Digestive System Run Smoothly

If you are going through the problem of ingestion, or deficiency of Vitamin E. It is recommended to have 2 tablespoons of wheat germ this provides you the 15% of the daily value of Vitamin and folic acid and keeps your digestive system running smoothly.

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