How To Get a Girl (You Like) Fall in Love With You

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What to do and what not to do? How to start talk? If I do what she thinks?

These are the questions comes in your mind when you like a girl but confused how to tell her. Expressing love to women is an art.

Here is a solution; I am sharing with you today.
Most of the guys feel insecure about their appearance but this doesn’t matter as much as you think.
And if you have ever observed that there are lots of men who are not as much good looking but with the beautiful women. Yes, this is true only looks are not important to women.

What matters most is….

How you behave, how you treat her, how you talk, your gestures and the most important thing is the way you THINK.

1. Make your first move in confidence


When you like a girl let her know with confidence. Make your all efforts in confidence because girls like those guys who make them feel secure and with whom they feel comfortable. And if you don’t feel confident about yourself or feel insecure about your looks then it reflects your personality and this is not good.

And if you don’t feel confident about yourself OR if you feel insecure about your looks then it will reflect a non-impressive personality.

Suppose you see a girl in the market or bar you are interested in talking then don’t wait for her to come and talk to you, YOU have to make the first move and go and talk to her.

2. Make her realize that she is the only one you like

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When you are talking don’t check out the other girls (Mind it this is really very important), it doesn’t matter how beautiful the other girl is 🙂

Females are very jealous by nature and your one glance at other girl put you in suspicion zone. And never ever try to flirt with her friends to make her jealous, in this way both she and her friends put you in the blacklist or they will start ignoring you.

Also, never ever try to flirt with her friends to make her jealous. In this way both she and her friends put you in the blacklist or they will start ignoring you.

If you really like a girl talk genuinely and don’t look here and there (in case you are interested in her). Carefully listen to her, look into her eyes and if she is sharing some problem try to resolve it, but do not overpromise anything if you can’t help her in solving her problem.

This is the best way to impress a girl, help her.

3. Give her compliments

compliment girl

This is true that every girl wants to listen to compliments. If you call a girl on a date or for a casual meeting look into her eyes and compliment her like this dress suits you or anything you like about her appearance.

With this she feels more confident to spend time with you and the chances will rise that she spends more time with you.

But, it is important to give the right amount of compliment, don’t give all the compliments at one time. As too much of anything is good for nothing.

4. Have a life

have a life


If you do ten messages in every ten minutes, you will lose respect in her eyes.

Now you think why and how?

See, if you are doing continuous messages, then she will think that you don’t have any work except keeping her disturbing all the time or she may think you are spying on her.

When you talk all day then the time comes you don’t have anything to talk.

Live and let her live… do chats and have a beautiful conversation but in limit like once in a day or in the night or whenever she feels comfortable.

5. Let her feel the love

let her feel the love

At last, never tell her by saying “I love you” Now the time has been changed, guys.

Do something different like make her birthday special, surprise gifts, help her when she needs, respect her decisions, and support her. First be her good friends and start little bit flirting.

In this way, your bond will get stronger and she starts feeling incomplete without you and then true love brings out.

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