Don’t Let Your EGO Ruin Your Relationship

how ego can kill your relationship

Three years ago, I and my partner had an argument over something and I decided to leave him, and he doesn’t stop me even once.

You know what was the reason for let me go…… was his EGO, and I realized that day that I meant nothing for and his ego was more important to him than our relationship.

I was in the relationship for 7 years and whenever we fought I always called him first to sort out the issues because I don’t want to break our relationship as I loved him so much.

AND one day, I lost all my patience because his level of ego was getting increased day by day and I cannot let myself always get down in front of him to save our relationship because this time it’s about my self-respect, and if two people are in  the relationship then both should respect each other and try to make things right.

I have observed that men are always confused between their ‘self-esteem’ and ‘Ego’, they don’t even know there is a thin line between these two.

Ego is the problem which serves itself only and defines only I, me and myself which spoils your any relationship.

I have also seen anyone with big ego are often insecure, lack of confidence and self-love.

And, if we talk about the self-esteem of anyone. The people with self-esteem are more confident and know about their shortcomings.

Today, I’ll be sharing some points which will let you know how EGO Spoils your Relationship

1) I am always Right

Do you think the same way that “I’m always right”? Then think again. Because nobody is perfect all the time, no one is right everytime then how can you think like this that your every opinion, every thought and you can not say anything wrong.

When two people argue with each other and in that moment both say something wrong, but after that argument, we start thinking

I was right at my place but how can she say like this. In your relationship, if you think like I’m always right,  then you cannot have a successful relationship.

2) Feeling Superior

When we are in a relationship, we both are equal and we both need each other.

Thinking I am superior to her or him is the worst thing to think.

Your relationship will never work if you make feel your partner inferior or weaker.

Everybody has their own qualities and flaws. If we highlight each other flaws only and never appreciate the good things in our
partner than the day come we lose respect in our partner eyes which may end a beautiful relationship.

3) I don’t need your advice

A person with high ego never listens to anyone. Listening to your partner is very important in any relationship. When you put your

When you put your ego above all and don’t listen then it could also harm your relationship.

When your partner is giving you any advice or talking to you about some issue at least listen then give any conclusion as Yes or No but at least listen to them once.

Saying words like shut up, what the hell you are talking or you don’t have any knowledge so keep your mouth shut. Please never use such words.

4) Take Initiative and Talk

Fights, arguments are the part of every relationship. But after this, if you think why should I talk first or waiting for this that every time your partner will talk first and sort out the issues is not right.

Making the first move, apologizing and expressing love make you great in the eyes of your partner. And if your partner is making the first move then don’t think that he is wrong. It only means that he don’t want to lose you because of silly arguments

5) Selfish

“I and me” words doesn’t exist in any relationship, it’s about “we”. Ego makes us selfish, I and me are products of ego.

Always remember that “me” is ungrateful.

A person with ego thinks only about himself and not about his relationship and no relationship last long in this way.

This is a fact that nothing kills your relationship more quickly than ego.

Ego is one of the bad personality traits which ruins any relationship and it can lose the person in your life who cares for you and love you.

So, just take your ego out of your relationship and enjoy your beautiful life…

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