How to Act on Your First Date (for Boys)

how to behave on your first date for boys


Going on the date, but don’t know how to behave..

This is actually very important part.. Because here is a point where girl makes her decision to meet you again or never want to see your face again. As first impression is the last impression.

The first date is like a fun, where you go one step ahead than text message and calls. But sometimes boys make such awful mistakes which turn a beautiful first date into a nightmare for girls.

This article will definitely help you on your first date. Here are the do’s and dont’s when you meet a girl.

1. What to wear??

While going on date, dress properly. Never wear anything which shows you completely different or out of the crowd like glittering clothes or shoes.

Go for the casuals, girls like the guys who are decently clean. Shave or trim your beard, wear a good perfume.

Yes, a good fragrance this is a fact that women are more influenced by a man smells than how he looks so choose your fragrance wisely.

Most important this is Posture, posture is how you carry yourself

2. Be on time

Never let her wait on the first date. If you get late for some reason because of traffic or any other genuine reason inform her. Because reaching late makes a terrible impression and there are chances she will not come on the date with you again.

3. Give her a compliment

Oh hi, you look beautiful. All girls love compliments so never forget to give her. But never compliment which gives a bad impression on her like oh looks sexy or hot in this dress.

4. Be Chivalrous

By being Chivalrous, you will earn you extra points. Now you must think how to be..

Its very simple there are lots of guys who forgot to open a car door for her girl and let your girl sit first or pull out the chair for her.

This will put very good impression she feels you are a gentleman or the guys who know how to treat a girl and makes you stand out.

5. Give Rest to your phone

Don’t check your facebook or any other things while talking with. Listen to her carefully when she talks and asks questions it conveys engagement.

If you check your phone she feels you are not interested in listening and this will spoil your first date.
And if you feel shy, do little bit preparation by thinking of topics to talk before.

6. What not to talk

Think before you speak, never talk too much especially if its all about you like I like this and that, Answer her if she asks you and if a girl is not talking much try to open ended questions.

Don’t flaunt yourself like your income, skills, religious beliefs, political views. And never talk about your ex’s and you don’t need to tell her about your past experience in dating.

Talk on general topics asks about her and her family or some question like which places you like to travel or visit, what she is passionate about.

These questions she loves to answer and you can also tell her about yourself

And to add spark in your conversations never forget to make an eye contact with her in conversation, smile.

7. Maintain Distance

The first date should be a formal one. Never ever try to come close to her on the first date because she feels completely uncomfortable or by this, you may face the bad consequences.

May be she will walk away. Normally, girls don’t like all this on their first date. So choose a good place to eat where you comfortably sit and talk.

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