How to Approach a Guy (Without) Feeling Awkward

attract man easily without looking wierd

I still remember that night when I first saw my love. I was in the market, walking around after shopping with my friend and then from the crowd I saw him with his two friends.

Like others, I was shy and feeling awkward to approach him. But my friend support and push me to approach him and I decided to approach him, but it’s really hard to approach a guy or girl to whom you are interested.

Here, I am sharing some tips which I have followed:

First always remember, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren

Second Be Confident, it makes you feel sexier to believe in yourself and wear a genuine beautiful smile.

Now, I am going to talk about how to be the most confident woman and how to approach with confidence, smile, with confidence and at last, you can take the decision on the person you get attracted on.

1) Positive Attitude

positive attitude

Don’t be scared and think about “Does he like me”. Have a positive attitude and change it to Do I like HIM because this is more important.

As dating is very sensitive matter and the more you think about what he think about me, more you get nervous. So, be confident about yourself and thinks about Do I like Him, the way he looks, the way he talks, is he interesting? These question will help you to get know more about him.

Because in reality, we get to Choose who we want to approach and talk to. So, the first thing to remember is not about being liked and it is more about being open and selective.

2) Follow, the Effortless and Non- Desperation Approach

non desperation approach

When we think about approaching a stranger, like most of the people we feel it is like climbing a mountain with no end in sight.

But, you can make it effortless by following below steps:

First, make a sustained eye contact makes the other person feel they are the most important person in the crowd and give him a smile and let your eyes smile because it is more genuine as the smile is every woman sexiest curve. And flirting with eyes couple of times is a very nice approach.

If eye flirting has gone well and he smiles you back, then it’s time to go ahead. Go and introduce yourself. And then naturally he will tell you about his name and himself and conversation goes on.

So, the most important thing is confidence in yourself and never go with the game plan or pressure yourself. Just go with a free mind and you don’t need to prove yourself, this type of approach always works.

3) Conversation

good conversation

This is the most important part, why? Because it lets you know more about the guy.

Second, most of the people fail in this, when they start asking more questions. So, your conversation impacts the most.

There are a lot of questions comes to your mind and most often people get confused and nervous. And what is in their mind at that time is, oh I’m here what do I say now? Am I interesting? If I ask this or that What he feels? Am I boring to him? And at last Fuck, I am boring!

Don’t you feel all these thoughts are very negative? And in all this, we forget about what are the amazing about us.

So, keep in your mind we are not here to impress someone and we are trying to know him whether he is right for me or not. And then start your conversation by keeping in your mind more about him.

Having a fantastic conversation is an art, for this, you should focus on the what makes the other feel when they are around you, that’s what keep them wanting to stay more around you.

Here is, how we can start the conversation

Start your conversation with the Curiosity factor, like questions like what brought you here? Where are you from? Ask him about his friends who he’s with? What is he doing?

And to make your conversation more interesting ask questions like why he love this place or anything. Because when we ask “why” that creates more questions and it will help in reveal more about him as his every answer contains the seed for follow-up questions.

Now, it’s the time of your decision, if you are not enjoying the conversation and if you observe what he is giving to you as he is answering you in detail or one-word answers? Is he interested in knowing you, is he questioning you back? And the most important are you enjoying each other’s company?

If your answer is “NO” just leave by simply saying, it was great talking to you. And if your answer is “Yes” then also leave the conversation but by saying, “this was fun, Will I see you again?” By this he will definitely say, Yeah Sure and he will his contact number to you.

Best thing is never to approach a guy in a way that you are mad at him, just go like you find him interesting to talk to a crowd and this approach will work.

And at last, never get scared and feel awkward in approaching someone, take it as a fun.

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