How to Handle Your Wife (Proven-Tips)

A person who can handle his wife the right way deserves a pedestal among the Gods and should be worshipped by Mankind! Women are naturally made to be inscrutable, multi-talented, sharp-tongued yet the most loving, kind-hearted, gentle (in case my wife is peering at the screen from behind) creatures ever created by God! There is no rule-book for managing wives or even husbands for that matter (we don’t need management just let us be with a bottle of beer and we are good).

Irrespective of how long you know your wife, it is more important how well you know her. People are predictable even in the most unpredictable situations only when you know the person. Man-management is something that you have to learn with experience and sometimes a bit of trial and error.

Let’s Check out Some Proven Tips on How to Handle a Wife

1. Wife Is Right!

That is the eternal truth and the best way to manage your wife and the household in turn. Arguing with her is the worst thing you can do to ruin your day and if you lucky the entire weekend.

A wife always knows that she is right and in the house, her word is the last word! Don’t believe ask your father!

2. Don’t Argue

Arguing is the worst mistake that you can do when she is ready to fight. Women take a collective perspective of the problem at hand and the argument and interconnect them.

In addition, she considers her personal experiences with you and argues in such a way that it becomes impossible for you to win. Instead of counter-attacking it makes sense to let her burn out while you stay quiet.

3. Understand the Personality Traits


Daily life is well, boring! Period! Frankly, in a dull series of everyday duties, it is quite easy to understand why she can be angry or disgruntled. Avoid such situations and whenever you sense that she is getting ready for a fight just head her off.

Even the most hardworking person needs rest and some time-out of the grind. Grant her that free time where she can pursue her own work and dreams. Try and avoid doing the things she dislikes and watches her attitude change.

4. Appreciation is the Magic

Daily chores, shopping for groceries, cleaning and ironing the clothes, cooking etc are necessary things for survival. While women take care of these things how many times do we actually appreciated them for the labor.

Women are assumed to be in charge of all of the above almost without their consent for which they are hardly ever appreciated. The fact that you always open the door to a well-stocked fridge and have tasty meals thrice a day is often taken for granted.

You will understand the work she does if she goes off on holiday for a week. So, before that happens to say how much her work means to you (preferably every day) to find the house in order and the fridge loaded.

5. Surprise Her with Roses

Women love surprises! They are sometimes like children so celebrate the special days. On a month without any Valentine’s Day or anniversary or birthdays just celebrated the fact that she is there when you come back home every day! Honestly, if you love her you don’t need any occasion to celebrate with her.

You don’t need a fancy present either just a bunch of gorgeous red roses will do! In a relationship, the man and woman fulfill each other and should have a lover and concern for each other to make it work.

6. Be Her Best Friend

Look at it in this way, if you had to control a friend how would you do it? By being the best friend who understands her all the time.

Why not apply the same to your wife? Either way both of you are on the same team and should behave in that way.

Find out more about her childhood memories, aspirations, family life, likes, and dislikes. Women can be sometimes cranky and ill-tempered because of the body clock.

Alternatively, she can be tired or depressed because something is bothering her. Take a long walk to find out the matter with her. Managing your wife can be rocket science only if you don’t know her enough.

How else could you still have a great time with childhood friends and rotten years with your better half?

Investing time in your relationship after marriage is as important as it was when you were wooing her. Many women crave for the same guy who courted them and has dramatically changed overnight after marriage. Do not take her for granted if you want to handle her properly.

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