5 Super Important Tips on How to Keep the Conversation Flowing with a Girl (for Guys)

how to keep a conversation going with a girl you like

Is your first date was a worst date? And you fail to keep your partner interested in conversation? Or are you feeling awkward or tongue tied once the conversation gets going?

If you are nodding your head in YES, then must read this article because this will definitely help you in keeping your partner interested in talking with you.

Here are the tips, which need to be followed to improve your communication with a girl.

First, Be Confident and Speak your Mind

Your conversation starts with a confidence is an attractive behavior which can also make your conversation effortless.

Guys, generally feel girls are above them and fails to impress themselves and sometimes they comes under pressure to say something that makes a girl interested in talking with them and this never works.

So, it is better to relax, confident and speaks what is in your mind without overthinking all the time. And how can you realize you are wrong or right when you don’t say anything and filter your words again and again.

Second, Explore her Interest

This is really important to keep a girl interest, What to ask and HOW? When you ask questions on her interest, it makes her realize that you are interested in her and also makes her interest in the conversation.

Now, how? Avoid “YES” and “NO” questions, because this will end your conversation in one word. For example, if you ask this question Do you like Pizza? She may answer yes or no.

But if you ask what you like to eat and what other she likes to eat make your conversation bit long. Second, Girls often like to make the first move so you don’t need to wait that she will ask you the question first be proactive ask her interest and when she answer, respond her by nodding. Third, people love to talk about themselves and girls love this most so ask about her fantasies and about what she is passionate but don’t play the question answer game there ask something you genuinely want to know.

Third, Tell her about yourself

Now, it’s time to tell about yourself. As I said everybody love to talk about them and you may have a lot of stuff to tell a girl about you. But on the first date, you should not talk too much about you.

So, here is a way to maintain a balance. When you are going on the first date that girl doesn’t know much about you and she may not feel comfortable to answer the personal questions you ask. It is better to make a right mixture by first tell her about yourself and then ask about her. And never try to force her to answer anything which she doesn’t want to tell.

You can tell her about your interest in music, food, sport etc. and what you like to do and then ask her about does she like that. If she says, “yes” then you have some common topic to talk and she also gets in a comfort zone. And your conversation moves forward.

Forth, Work on your Body language

This one has a major impact on your first date. When she is talking make an eye contact, sit straight and give her a warm smile. It makes that you are completely focused on her.

What not to do, Don’t cross your arms, don’t tap your feet, sigh, yawn or audible groan. This is also very insulting as she feels you are getting bored. And don’t use your phone for checking facebook updates or emails when she is telling or asking you something.

Fifth, A light conversation

A light conversation, this simply means that don’t get into a controversial topic on the first date. Enjoy that time don’t gossip about other, don’t talk about religion and political issues.

Use your sense of humor to keep the environment light. You can talk about what is going currently according to your interests like in music or movies, you can tell something funny happened recently. A good humor is always attractive to a girl.

Or you can compliment her because a good compliment should naturally lead to more conversation. But Yes, always never compliment a girl on her body on the first date. You can compliment on her smile, eyes or dress.

If you like the girl you met, and want to talk more. Then it is important to be interested in her talk. You can say, this is really amazing tell me more about this. Everybody loves to know that you are in what they have to say. When you show interest in her she wants to tell more about herself and you also get an opportunity to know more about her.

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