A Girl’s Journey of Finding Her Worth – True Inspirational Story (5 Mins Read)

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Today, I am sharing a story of a girl who always stays confused with her feelings, her thoughts, her uncontrollable emotions and who never believed in herself.

This story is not about her this is a story will touch the hearts of 90% people because somewhere they have gone through that phase of life where they feel everything is over.

Aisha, a girl living in a small town, good in studies but very unlucky in her relationships. And Just because she fails in her relationship she starts thinking that she is good for nothing, she tried to commit suicide.

She is totally depressed, broken and cried every night for two years. And one day, when she saw her ex-boyfriend with a girl and that day she decided to move on and start searching for a job to make herself busy. She got the job and in after one year a person joined the same company as her senior and he teaches her lot of things not only about the work but also about the life.

He taught her how to live the life, he tells her that failing in relationship is not the end of life but it is the beginning.

When he appreciates her work for little things she starts knowing her worth she start believing in herself, the girl who thinks she is not beautiful she start loving herself because he told her what is she and what makes her beautiful. The person who is several years of experience in his field and the girl who don’t even knew the single thing about the work, start working together because he believes in her and just because he believes in her she doesn’t want to break his trust and start working hard.

Moreover, she starts maintaining herself by keeping herself fit, by dressing her beautifully, she changed her way of living and a positive change comes in her life. People start noticing her, liking her and meanwhile she made new friends and get her self-confidence back.

Now, she is a very happy independent girl, busy with her work she doesn’t even have time to think about the guy who left her without any reason. She learned never run for the person who never sees anything good in you and always find faults in you and respects the one who makes you happy every day appreciate you for little things you, makes you feel you are good.

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She realized “When wrong people leave your life, the right things start happening”

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