5 Online Dating Tips for Men (Incredibly Successful)

Are you still Single and not able to find the right match for you?? Here, we are talking about long term relationships.

Or you loose your faith on online dating apps like Tinder, Badoo etc?? Hmmm…serious issue.

Guys, neither the apps are useless nor you are unattractive, the problem is in the approach you follow.

Being a girl, I have received a lot of messages from guys and this is the same reaction of most of the girls like girls don’t find any sense when guys send them a message. And this is why most of the people fail in online dating.

Here I am sharing 5 tips to succeed in online dating

1) Self Evaluation

self evaluation
Spend some time with yourself, think about what kind of girl you want. This is very important guys because there are a number of girls are available on online dating apps.

Most of the guys make mistake here and start texting a girl by seeing their outer appearance and start complimenting about their outer beauty without knowing them.

Understand the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” And yes when you spend time on your evaluation than you will find what is your choice and then look for the profiles.

It may be possible after evaluation you can’t find any profile of your choice and then wait for right profile.

2) Picture Perfect

picture perfect

Your profile photo is the first thing people will notice before going through your detailed profile. To make your profile impressive put both your full body shots and close ups of your face or in both indoor and outdoor light.

Don’t need to use too many filters and editing, be original so you can find the person who likes you with your original look.

3) Your Overview

your overview
While making account on dating sites, when you are writing about yourself also write about the kind of partner you are looking for like as fun loving, romantic, adventurous etc.

You can also write about the people you don’t want to date, like if you only want to date a single girl and not the married women so be specific but don’t be rude while writing this.

4) Standout First Message

first message

Your first message tells more about your personality. And most of the guys make their mistake on first as they don’t know what to write and what not to write. As we have seen there are a lot of flirty options are available on online websites to express your feeling like a wink emojis. But it is a bad idea to send this kind of message if you are looking for a girl with you actually want a long beautiful relationship.

But if you are thinking about dating then you should think before sending your first message never start your first message with a compliment like you are sexy, attractive and beautiful. This is an old trick and every girl knows about this, and she know you have not gone through her profile and you are interested only in her looks.

Things you should keep in mind. Don’t write your autobiography, keep it simple and short, you can talk about her interest, don’t be rude, don’t be a playboy or be showing off that you are a stud she has been never seen before, simple things are always best so you can write a message which makes her laugh but it must be about her that she find interesting.

5) Don’t be a Stalker

If you like someone profile send them a message but NEVER STALK them if they are not replying your messages.

If they are not interested leave them alone because this is useless thing if you are stalking them and sending them the unnecessary compliment. This puts a bad impression on that person and there are chances they may block you by finding irritating.

Always remember it is the individual choice to like or love someone you cannot force anyone as no one can force you.

Impressing a girl in online dating is an art and requires a right mindset, patience which is very important and little bit smart efforts.

But overall it is fun and the great experience you will have and yes you can learn from your past mistakes you have done and the best way to improve your dating skills you can talk about with the girl which you think is trustworthy in your friends group.

Not all girls are the same everyone has a different opinion but a right approach with good intentions are always work.

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