8 Scientific Health Benefits of Drinking Water

We all know that drinking enough water is essential for our body. Staying hydrate yourself because two-thirds of the adult human body is made up of water. Our brain is 80 percent water, muscles including heart is 75 percent of water, blood includes 83 percent of water, our skin is 64 percent of water and bones are 30 percent of water respectively. And here are the scientific reasons why you can’t ignore water.

Scientific Health Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

Maximize Physical Performance

Water helps in maximizing physical performance, staying hydrated is vital during the intense exercise. When we workout and tend to sweat that time water help your body to perform or workout longer. And not drinking water while exercising, a loss of sweat is equal to 2 percent of your body weight which can cause a noticeable decrease in your physical and mental performance, decrease the flow of blood in the skin, decrease heat dissipation, increase body temperature and glycogen use.

Boost Immunity and Energy levels

Our body maintains a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45 for proper physiological processes. And an acidic shift may lead to sickness and an inability of the body to absorb vitamins and minerals. Moreover, water helps in carrying oxygen to our body cells which resulting in proper functioning systems and removes toxins from the body. That means water prevent toxins and its negative impact on our immune system.

Improve Brain Functions

When we properly hydrate our body, this improves our concentration and cognition, balance our mood and emotions, maintain memory functions, increase blood flow and oxygen to your brain, prevent and relieve headaches and reduce stress.

Prevent and Treat Headaches

The reason behind a severe headache and migraines in some individuals is Dehydration. Also, drinking water during a headache and migraine attacks can prevent it from getting worse and can treat if it is due to dehydration.

Relieves Constipation

Constipation is a most common problem faced by those who don’t drink an adequate amount of water. Drinking water promotes a smooth functioning of the digestive tract and helps in maintaining frequent bowel movements.

Improve Kidney Functions

Drinking 2 liters of water daily prevents the formation of Kidney Stones. Higher fluid intake increases the flow of urine passing through the kidneys, and it doesn’t allow salts and minerals to gather to form kidney stones as when salt reaches kidneys it will get diluted and eliminated through urine.

Reduce Hangover

Hangover after drinking is a very unpleasant experience. As alcohol is diuretic and it makes you lose more water than take in and it will lead to dry mouth, fatigue, and headache and it prevents by drinking more water.

Weight Loss

Drinking enough water helps you in losing weight. Water increases the satiety and boosts metabolism by 24 to 30 percent. But you should know when and how to drink water to lose weight as timing is very important. To know more, must read How Drinking Water can help you to lose weight.

Not only this, water keep your skin healthy and glowing, treat cramps and sprains, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, promotes breathing, and prevent you from heart diseases. So, Keep yourself Hydrated and Stay Healthy.

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