5 Clear Signs She (Doesn’t) See You as More Than a Friend

sign she doesn't like me more than her friend

Oh, I am so hurt she refused my proposal, yes it happens a lot of times. Recently it happens with one of my friends and he told me he was very upset.

When I asked him what happened then he told me the whole story. The girl he proposed spends most of her time and share everything with him. And he thought she liked him and he proposed… The answer was NO.

Guys, if a girl is spending most of her time with you and share her problems, celebrating her happiness with you doesn’t mean she is in love with you. Sometimes it means she likes you more than all of her friends and finds you more trustworthy or may like you as a friend which is also a very beautiful relation.

Here, in this article, I am sharing the signs through which let you know she loves you or not.

1) Way she looks

When a girl starts loving, the first change comes in her looks. She always tries to look good with you to get your attention.

This is a universal truth, when we are in love we become more self-conscious. We start thinking more how I am looking, does this suits me or not.

This is the first sign if she calls you any time to meet and comes normal either in shorts or loose tees she feels comfortable because it doesn’t matter to her what you think about her looks and it simply she is not in love with you but she likes you as a friend.

So, a girl looks can tell you everything.

2) Her talks

What kind of conversation she is doing. If she talks anything in front of you means she does not censor any of her words in front of you or think twice before speaking it means she is very frank with you but never going to think about getting into a relationship with you.

Because when a girl loves a guy she wants a respect and also respect the guy she loves and this is the reason she thinks before what she say and never use such words by which she loses respect in the eyes of that guy she loves.

3) Always teases you by pairing you with other girls

This is the clearest sign than anything. If your friend always tease you by pairing you with other girls or she herself recommend you girls for you that means she wants your happiness with others.

But that girl has great affection for you but she doesn’t have romance in her nature for you because a girl is in love will never want that her guy sees another girl. And she always gets jealous when you talk or spends time with other girls.

4) Group Outing

When we are in love, we want to spend alone time with that person to know more about them and to share our feeling.

This is another signal if you are making a plan with her and invite her to for dinner or lunch and she is saying yeah I’ll come and call others too we all have fun that means she doesn’t want you all to herself.

5) Your flirts, her jokes

Flirt are the first way to make someone feel you like him or her. When you are flirting with a girl and she takes your flirt as a joke or that makes her angry then you should stop there because this can spoils your beautiful relationship of friendship with her.

If a girl really wants you more than her friend she will take your signal with a pretty smile and she will definitely take her move. And her smile tells you everything that time that she likes or not.

But if there is a NO then you should respect her decision and maintain that space.

After reading this if you feel like Hmmm she doesn’t love me, then you have to accept this so you don’t get hurt yourself and makes your relationship fade by proposing a girl who may be your best friend.

I hope this article will get you out of confusion either she wants you to next level or wants to keep you in her friend zone.

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