8 Sure Signs to Know If Your (Female) Friend Likes You More Than a Friend

how to know she likes you more than a friend

From last few days, are you feeling confused because your friend is behaving weirdly or are you having arguments with her on little things?

Do you think she wants to say something but don’t? Then think, why?

Look for These Signs

1. Change in her looks

Do you think your friend is looking more beautiful now or she is experimenting with her looks?

If a girl suddenly changes her look, wearing new outfits, trying to look her best when you both were together. Then this could be the first sign because with this every girl gets attention.

2. Eye contact

Eyes never lie, if your friend is falling for you, their eyes will show it.

While talking, eating if you notice she is looking at you making eye contact and it is a glow in her eyes which you never see before and if her stares are deep and meaningful then boy it may be a good sign for you are your friend want to take one step forward with you.

3. Getting more involved in your interests

If your friend really likes you then she will start getting involved in your interests, she wants to know more about them and even on those you know she doesn’t like this previously.

For example, she starts asking about the sports and more interesting before asking she have researched on that to keep the conversation interesting for you.

4. Grabbing Attention

With the outings or group parties, she tries to stay close to you because it makes her happy. More than this, she surprisingly asking you to meet for drinks and dinner or she order your favorite food. It simply means she wants you to feel that she feels for you.

5. Jealously

If you spend even a few minutes with other girls and if she taunts you, again and again, that means she is getting jealous. She keeps you taunting for this or start finding faults in your other friends.

In this way, she wants to tell you that she don’t like you being with other girls. And at last, she doesn’t care but she really does because a girl who doesn’t have such feeling don’t even care with whom you are spending time.

And after reading this if you are saying YES she did this, there are the chances that she has affection for you.

6. Take care of your things

A girl in love always take care of the things you give her, it doesn’t matter when you have given her that thing. Even you get surprised she still have this.

For example, pics you took together a long time ago doesn’t matter she is not looking good in that pic but she still has because you were there in that pic or a concert ticket you went together.

7. Supportive

Either you are wrong or right or on the silly arguments she always takes a stand for you and defends you in front of all your friends. Even on your back she always answered if someone said bad about you and respond him quickly No, it’s not like that.

A girl in love with you always feel happy for your achievements and cheer you up in your bad moods. She starts respond quickly to anything you say, starts trusting you blindly whatever you are doing and start giving you importance than anyone else.

8. Most Weird Things than above you notice

Sometimes she gets hurt over the reasons you don’t even understand what’s wrong in this. Because she doesn’t expect that thing or she wants to hear something else from you. And she never gets bored talking to you and feels lonely if you left you alone for few minutes and she starts fighting for this.

Taking more interest in plans in which only you two are involved. Some girls are very shy by nature, and love is the feeling which grows self by time. Maybe she also doesn’t know why she is behaving like this.

So, guys if you feel your friend acts like this it is good for you because nothing is beautiful that if you find your love in one of your friend whom you know from years.

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