5 Stages of Common Cold and How to Fight with Them

The common cold goes through 5 stages as onset, progression, peak, remission, and recovery the remedies to consider that can help you through cold. It is essential to understand the early warning signs of the common cold so that initial steps should be taken to relief sooner.

Common Cold is an upper respiratory tract infection, and when you have a cold, you might have a high fever, pain in the chest, breathing problem, fluids, swollen glands and you might have these symptoms for more than three weeks.

Stages of the Common Cold

Stage 1: Onset (Days 1-4)

This is the incubation period of 1-4 days since you came into contact with the common cold virus and at this stage, the body starts showing symptoms like mild fatigue, runny and stuffy nose and a sore throat. On this stage, you caught a virus, and it is very likely a rhinovirus, but it could also be another 200 kinds of viruses.

Stage 2: Progression (Days 2-5)

In the second stage of progression, the body starts giving you clues like fatigue, sore throat, body aches, sneezes, and body is starting to produce the antibodies to fight with the virus. Now is the time to get enough rest, drink plenty of fluids as chicken soup, tea, eat healthy foods.

Stage 3: Peak (Days 3-6)

At peak stage, the cold is in full swing. You may see the symptoms to target the nasal region like sneezing, runny nose, congestion, the mucus become thicker and greener, sometimes cough and you need to clear your throat a lot because of post nasal drip. In this stage, you should double up on your liquid intake – water, broth, and juices to keep yourself hydrated. Use hot, steamy showers and humidifiers and consider an over-the-counter nasal decongestant to relieve congestion and sinus pressure. To recover fast take plenty of rest.

Stage 4: Remission (Days 5-7)

This is the stage when your fever breaks and you start feeling well. It’s time to clean germs by disinfecting the surfaces in your home, car, and office. Wash your bedsheets and clothes and never forget to sterilize your items as your mobile phones, toothbrushes, remote, chargers and other things you had touched when you were sick.

However, if your symptoms go on for longer or your condition get worse that means you might have a bacterial infection and you should go to see the doctor and take antibiotics.

Stage 5: Recovery (Days 7-10)

The cold virus has now been eliminated from your body, and you are on your feet. After cold, you might have a little cough take appropriate medicine and stick to a healthy and balanced diet until you become normal and get all your energy back you lost.

These are the five stages of the common cold, also check effective home remedies to cure a common cold in the initial stages.

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