8 Most Surprising Foods you Should Avoid to Lose Belly Fat

Belly Fat does not just look bad, but it also brings a lot of serious problems like heart problems, diabetes and some other types of cancer. Our body has two primary kinds of fat Subcutaneous Fat and Visceral Fat. Most of the fat in our body is considered as subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Belly fat is made up of both subcutaneous and visceral fat. What’s a difference between these two? Fat in the stomach area which is directly under the skin is known as subcutaneous fat, and this type of fat is not even dangerous for our health. Fat around our organs is known as visceral abdominal fat is considered as hazardous fat which may lead to breast cancer and gallbladder problems in women.

If you also have excess fat your abdominal area, it’s time to get rid of. No doubt, to lose belly fat workout and adopting a healthy diet is essential. However, you should also know what you should not eat and which foods promote fat around your stomach.

Foods you must avoid to Lose Belly Fat

Artificial Sugar or Sugar-Free Products

Most of us are unaware of the fat, that sugar-free product can also make you fat. Artificial sugar or sugar-free products are free from white sugar but contains a lot of calories. Sugar-free products encourage weight gain by stimulating appetite and increase the craving for carbohydrates and promotes fat storage. Even certain artificial sweeteners raise the production of insulin and leptin; the hormones that regulate metabolism and fat storage in our body and this increased insulin and leptin levels are the major contributors to diabetes and obesity.

Ice cream

We all love ice creams, but it is full of sugar and fats which raises the calorie count of the treat. That’s why ice creams contribute to fat around your belly, a half cup of vanilla ice cream contains 137 calories and 7.2 grams of fat in which 4.5 grams of fat are saturated, and a half cup of chocolate ice cream contains 143 calories, 7.3 grams of fat of which 4.5 grams of fat is saturated fat. So, if also love to eat ice cream every night after dinner try to avoid eating ice cream every night or just before going to bed because it will make your weight loss efforts worthless.

Foods that Bloat your Belly

Foods such as cabbages, beans, peas, and soft drinks, deep fried vegetables cause bloating. These foods increase the gas production in your intestines and stomach, well this condition is temporary but you still you may feel uncomfortable and gives you an undesirable look.


Mayonnaise is one of the ingredients which makes your sandwiches and burgers yummier, but it is very unhealthy. Mayonnaise dressing allows you to gain weight and the fat comes from mayonnaise is very difficult to burn. Not only weight gain and belly fat, mayonnaise can cause many health hazards such as heart diseases, cholesterol, not good for pregnant women, stomach ulcers, and this is also bad for diabetic patients.

Limit your Salt Intake

Excess of Salt cause bloating. Generally, foods high in salt are the junk foods which increase thirst, and with junk foods, we usually consume soft drinks or beverages with calories which becomes a very unhealthy combination, and when we are making efforts to lose weight, it is better to limit your sodium consumption.

Refreshing Drinks

Sweetened drinks are very unhealthy; even the low-calorie drinks contain tons of sugar which slows your metabolism and increases fat. Studies have shown these d has artificial sugar that means a large amount of fructose. Moreover, when we have a large amount of sugary drinks our liver gets overloaded with fructose which increases the accumulation of fat in the belly and liver.


When we drink too much alcohol, it will give you surplus calories, promotes appetite, increase impulsivity and redistributing fat. According to researchers, heavy drinkers eat significantly more than the others. Not only this, but they prefer to eat more fatty and salty foods which may lead to weight gain.

Junk Foods

You may found junk food delicious but its a scary mix of sugar, fat, and chemical additives. As we know junk food increase inches to your waistline but do you know junk foods can cause memory and learning problem, increases the risk of dementia, decrease the ability to control appetite, makes you impatient to manage your craving.

So, guys when you follow a weight loss plan you should accept a healthy diet plan. Always think before you eat, is this healthy for you and it is better to carry a handful of healthy snacks with you so you can easily avoid the junk foods. Moreover, if you have a hectic job schedule and you are not finding time for a workout, and you are tense about your ever rising inches on your belly. Relax, here are the Top 8 ways to Avoid and Reduce Belly Fat in Office.

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