How to use Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

You must have heard about that drinking lemon water in the morning helps in losing weight. Yes, this is so true, not only help you in fighting with obesity but this citrus fruit which is a rich source of Vitamin C also has numerous other benefits like it maintains your PH balance of the body, fight with infections, act as detoxifying agent, maintain digestive health, lemons has anti-inflammatory properties which help you in fight with tract infections, sore throat, and tonsils, provides electrolytes to the body.

As we know lemon juice is one of the best drink to lose excess fat from the body and also boost the weight loss process. But, how you can use lemon water for weight loss effectively.

8 Ways to use Lemon Juice for Losing Weight and Belly Fat.

1. Lemon Juice with Luke Warm Water

Drinking lemon juice with warm water is the most known remedy for weight loss and used by many people. This will helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, burn fat and lose weight. To prepare this drink, you need half lemon and one glass of lukewarm water. Squeeze the half lemon into the water, and you can also add honey to this. Drinking this every morning with an empty stomach will help you in losing weight quickly.

2. Lemon with Green Tea

Drinking lemon green tea associated with weight loss benefits, it has the potential to help burn fat and boost metabolism. For this take one teaspoon of green tea leaves and boil it in water for one minute. Strain the green tea in a cup and add half lemon juice, you can also add one tablespoon of honey for sweetening and honey is also useful for improving cholesterol.

3. Lemon Juice with Ginger, Cardamom, and Cinnamon

Drinking lemon juice with Ginger, Cardamom, and Cinnamon will help you in losing weight. What you need to do, grate fresh ginger, add cardamon and cinnamon in one and a half cup of water and bring water to boil and simmer it for two minutes. Cover the pan’s lid and leave for one to two minutes. At last strain this water and add lemon juice and honey.

4. Lemon Juice with Fruit Juice

By adding lemon juice in fruit juices becomes a very refreshing drink which you can drink anytime in a day. Liking in guava, sugarcane, papaya, watermelon juices you can add lemon juice in these, it will enhance its flavor and nutritional value.

5. Refreshing lemon Drink with Mint

This refreshing lemon drink is made by ginger and mint leaves. Take 2 inches of the ginger pieces, fresh lemon juice of one lemon and 5 to 10 mint leaves. Crush ginger and add mind leaves together, add this in one glass of water add black salt, crushed ice and stir well. Enjoy this drink in summers.

6. Lemon, Mint, and Cucumber Detox Water

This refreshing detox drink will not only hydrate you but also improves your digestion, and boost immunity. Now, how to make detox water, take 3 liters of water, half cucumber, 2 sliced lemons and 10 to 12 mint leaves. Add all these ingredients into jug or bottle and keep it in the refrigerator to release all the flavors. Drink it in the morning but don’t drink the chilled water, first pour the water into the glass and wait until it reaches to room temperature.

7. Lemon, Orange, Honey, and Basil

This is one of the healthiest choices to drink instead of soft drinks in summers. As oranges are also a good source of Vitamin C which will also help in losing fat. Peel and slice two oranges and add in a juicer, add sea salt and one tablespoon of lemon juice with basil leaves. Blend them all and pour the juice into the glass. Add honey to make equal the tartness of the citrus fruits. Add crushed ice and serve chilled.

8. Lemon Juice with Honey and Black Pepper

Black pepper is known for boosting immunity and also help in weight loss. To make this drink, take one teaspoon of lemon juice and a half teaspoon of black pepper powder and add honey in lukewarm water and mix well. Have this drink every morning to boost immunity, weight loss, and this drink is also good for the skin.

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