Top 8 Ways to (Avoid and Lose) Belly Fat in Office

ways to avoid and lose belly fat in office while sitting at desk

Today, everybody is worry and thinking about ever rising inches on their bellies. And due to busy schedules, we usually don’t find time to exercise or we missed due to over time in office by sitting at our desks and the results come in the form of fat.

Do you know, we gain 15 pounds in 3 months if we are doing a desk job. This is the main reason behind the belly fat.

Belly fat termed as Stubborn Fat because cutting down belly fat is difficult but with these tips, I am sharing with you today you can stop gaining belly fat on your job.

Here are the Top 8 Ways to Avoid and Reduce Belly Fat While Sitting at a Office Desk

1. Use Stairs

Use stairs and avoid elevators to burn belly fat

The first thing to do when you reach office is to stop using elevators and start climbing stairs. It’s an aerobic exercise that not only burn calories but also help your belly to stay in shape.

An interesting fact which usually people don’t know about the benefit of walking up stairs is that when we walk-up at a moderate intensity, it burns 5 calories in a minute for a 120-pound person and 9 for 180-pound person. So, it is recommended to use stairs instead of elevators.

2. Be Choosy About Your Drink

Tea in Office

At around 11 in the morning or in between office hours, we all have a bad habit of having tea or coffee which is not good for our health. And we know its hard to leave it immediately so instead of having creamy sugary coffee have green tea which is very good for health, green tea not only help in increasing metabolism but it also have benefits like its good for your teeth and keeps your digestive system right.

3. Drink Water BUT In small sips

drink water in sips

Do you know the way we drink water affects our belly fat, when we feel thirsty what we do we gulp down a full glass of water by this what will happen this will decrease your thirst in a long run and cause your stomach to protrude. And if you drink anything which includes water in higher amount this will make your belly bulge out and increase the layers of fat.

From today, start drinking water in a right way. Drink water in smaller sips at regular or short intervals of time. With this you keep your body hydrated all the time, you feel less hungry consequently you can keep yourself away from unhealthy snacks which we have when we feel hungry in between office hours.

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4. Go for healthy snacks or shakes

healthy snacks at office

The main reason for the fat we gain on our belly in the office are the unhealthy snacks we consume when we feel hungry after few hours of our lunch. We generally feel hungry in the evening after lunch and we usually eat biscuits, cheesy sandwiches, burgers etc. which is not only unhealthy but also increase layers of fat on your belly.

Here is the solution, always carry a box of healthy snacks like walnuts, almonds, peas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or you can have a protein shake and whenever you feel hungry, have these healthy and lighter snacks.

5. Walk Around for Proper Blood Circulation

walk around in office for proper blood circulation

Don’t get stuck in your chair and stay active even while working. When we are accompanied with desk work we stuck on our chair for hours in the same position which potentially leads to poor blood circulation, unnecessary fluid retention, and water weight to be stored in the lower half of our body. Poor blood circulation weakens your metabolism and makes it harder to burn fat and easy to get you fat.

6. Secret Exercises at work

secret exercise at office

Now, you must be thinking about how you can keep yourself physically active while sitting on the chair. Right??

Here is the solution, you can do some secret exercises while sitting on the chair to reduce your belly fat.

Sit straight and make sure your spine is 90 degrees to your lower body region, Raise your feet creating a horizontal line with your knees hold this for 3 to 5 seconds and slowly release your breath and return your foot to the original position.

Do this 5 times per foot in an hour. This exercise speeds up the burning process of your belly fat but don’t do this just after lunch or snacks. Wait for at least 2 hours after lunch.

7. Sitting Posture

sitting posture in office

Your body posture affects your body organs. If you are a habit sitting loosely or with curved, stooped body then you are putting pressure on your tummy and making it protruding outwards.

Most appropriate body posture is to sit with straight back this will not pressurize your tummy to come out, keep it inside and will lead in reducing belly fat.

8. Wear Comfortable Outfits

wear comfortable outfits at office

Women and girls love to flaunt their tight fitting outfit, and they feel comfortable with such outfits which show their entire body contour. It is recommended to say NO to too many tight outfits in your office because sitting with the tight outfit for 9 to 10 hours makes your skin stop breathing and other body parts like your stomach.

We can see men have slim waistline but bulging stomach. Why? Because their waistline is chained with the belt which makes their stomach angry to come out. It is good to flaunt your dressing style but flaunting dresses beyond your health is not a wise thought. Wear such clothes which are in comfortable fitting, neither too tight nor too loose at your abdomen region.

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