Labile Hypertension – A Clinical Dilemma

The term labile means easily altered or that changes very abruptly. Labile hypertension is a medical condition in which the blood pressure of a particular person fluctuates from a normal to a very high range.

Cardiac arrest, more commonly known as the heart attack or the stroke is a very common cause of death throughout the globe. A sudden discomfort in the chest with problematic breathing and suffocation can lead you to cardiac arrest and death even.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the causes of this condition. Hypertension is characterized by very high blood pressure, causing a wide array of diseases. Blood, the liquid connective tissue is composed of a different type of cells and also another important biochemical element that moves all around the body the in the arteries with the sole motto of providing those elements to the body.

In high blood pressure or Hypertension condition, the force that is applied by the blood to the wall of the arteries is perpetually increased.

More dangerous part of this condition is that the symptoms of hypertension, in many cases are not properly visible even when the readings are at a very high level. So it is recommended for everybody to have a complete checkup of their body each year to identify these types of hidden problems.

Although because of the physical activity and all the intake of different types of food material, blood pressure reading does not remain constant. It alters but within the normal range. However, in labile hypertension condition, the change is abnormal.

Causes of Labile Hypertension

There are many conditions, which leads to this condition. Throughout the day our blood pressure fluctuates. Labile hypertension occurs when a person is very much anxious or stressed out. Very high consumption of coffee or salts can also trigger the condition of hypertension.

Conventional anti-blood pressure medicines are not able to stabilize the blood pressure in a permanent way, although, they can control the situation for a shorter period of time. In the older age, the blood pressure becomes very much unstable.

There is a condition known as the LHE (Labile Hypertension for the Elderly), which appears mainly in the older age because of the use of these anti-blood pressure medication.

Causes of labile hypertension condition

White Coat Hypertension
This is one of the most common conditions when the patients experience abnormal reading in the doctor’s chamber than in their home. This happens probably due to the anxiety problem

Emotional Responses
It results in the reduction in the reading of the blood pressure probably due to some emotional effects.

Adrenal gland and its secretion are very much powerful in altering the normal blood pressure condition. In this condition tumors are seen in the adrenal glands rather in the chromaffin cells of the adrenal gland causing a hyper section of hormones from these glands, leading to sudden hikes in the blood pressure reading. The diagnosis of this condition is very easy and can be done with a simple urine checkup.

Symptoms of labile hypertension

Although individually it does not have any special indication or symptoms, a patient experiencing lability in its blood pressure might experience the symptoms same as that of the high blood pressure. The symptoms are:

  • A headache
  • Dizzy sensation
  • Weakness
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Flushing etc.

Paroxysmal Hypertension

Both labile and the paroxysmal hypertension are conditions, which are characterized by the fluctuations in the reading of the blood pressure. However, the latter is considered a type of the former one because of the few differences between them. The condition is also called the Pseudopheochromocytoma.

The occurrence of this condition is very much random mainly in the cases where the individual is not been able to express their emotion or pain in a proper way because of any past incident. Thus the paroxysms can start in a very abrupt way and can continue up to a long time also.

The patients are typically characterized by the distressing symptoms, for example, weakness, headache etc.

Paroxysms happen mainly due to two conditions. There are

  1. Due to an increase in the heart rate and also in the level of epinephrine
  2. The other is the increase in the nor-epinephrine level in the body.

To diagnose the condition biochemical tests are very much effective. It has been seen that the catecholamine level is usually on the higher side when the paroxysms happen in the patient’s body.

Prevention and Complication of Labile Hypertension

Labile hypertension may also lead to cardiac arrest or heart failure instantaneously at the time the hiking.

However, to prevent the effect of labile hypertension, one has to lead a much-disciplined life. The people experiencing the symptoms should quit smoking and also reduce the amount of salt consumption. They should also carry common life-saving drugs with them to prevent the instantaneous action.

Doctors usually prescribe to these patients with anti-depression medicines and also suggest many stress relieving therapies which will help to maintain the blood pressure.

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