IT Professionals: 5 Reasons Why Your Hair Starts (Turning White) at 25

I am 25 and my hair starts turning gray, What’s going on? Is this your’s question too while looking at the mirror in the morning?

And, if you are working in IT industry and facing the problem of gray hair, this article is for you.

Gray hair is associated with growing old. However, gray hair in the age of 23 or 25 is not normal if it is not hereditary

There are number of reason’s of gray hair in an early age or at the age of 25, some are genetics, and you can’t do anything, some of due to your medical conditions like thyroid, B12 deficiency, vitiligo so if you have any of these problems you may face gray hair in early age and some due to our lifestyle choices.

Here, we will talk about the lifestyle, IT professional usually have an unhealthy lifestyle which causes premature hair graying.

Here are theĀ 5 Causes of Gray Hair

1. Stress

As we well know about the workload in the IT industry, meeting deadlines bring stress. Stress brings a lot of health problem like high blood pressure, heart-attacks, change in appetite, anxiety, and depression. According to researchers, hormones produced during stress diminish the melanocytes that determine hair color.

2. Lack of Sleep

In IT industry we can see the IT professionals work late at night and not taking the sleep of 6 hours. In IT industry we can sleep as the substitute of the cup of coffee for those who have free time. In this race, we forget about how to take care of your health. Good sleep is crucial for our body, and lack of sleep makes you look aged as your skin starts getting wrinkles, hair loss, gray hairs, blemishes.

3. Smoking

Smoking is not only injurious for your lungs and heart, but smoking also affects your hair. Chainsmokers or those who are addicted to smoking are more prone to gray hair as compared to those who don’t smoke. Why? Cigarettes have carcinogens which damage the hair follicles, decrease the production of melanin and results in baldness and early white hair.

4. Lack of Nutrition

Most of our IT professionals move to other cities for work. Also, they don’t usually take their diet seriously and do work late nights, waking up late in the morning, rush to work they don’t have time for breakfast and the dinner. Most of the time they skip their meals and order junk foods for lunch and dinner because of lack of time. Walnuts, broccoli, prawns, chicken are the nutrients which stop your hair turning grey, but we never have time to take care of our diet results in gray hairs.

5. Excessive use of dryers and gels

In a rush, we use dryers, straighteners and gels to make hairs but these electronic products and chemicals harm our hairs. How? Hair gels contain alcohol and corrosive chemicals that take off moisture from the hair and scalp and make them dry. Moreover, The chemical compounds present in these gels along with external pollutants together react with the dead cell buildup and excess sebum on the scalp, this clogs hair follicles and eventually causes hair fall.

So, guys we know you all are stressed. But, health is important. In this race of success, you have to take care of your health, eat healthy snacks instead of chips, burgers when you have a craving to eat, find time for yourself bring fruits in office and have. Eat diet with vitamin B and E like almonds, sleep on time or at least take 6 hours of sleep, meditate in the morning this will help you in fighting with stress and you feel more focussed on work, and your productivity will improve, Eat on time never skip your breakfast choose breakfast easy to cook like cornflakes, eggs, oats etc.

Stay healthy.

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